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Giving you a voice on health and social care

#oursaycounts - The Big Conversation

The NHS, councils, and community organisations in Bradford District and Craven are working together to plan the future of health, care and support services. 
Throughout July and August 2017, Healthwatch Bradford and District worked on behalf of these local partners to create conversations with local people about the future of health and social care.

Healthwatch staff and volunteers had direct conversations with people at outreach sessions in public locations e.g. transport hubs, asking people to complete our survey. Other people filled out the survey online.

Three events took place in early July, where local people were given a brief overview of the case for change in health and social care, and took part in facilitated discussions. Senior management and clinicians from the NHS, alongside colleagues from local authority and community sector, answered questions and listened to the discussions.

We also held five group discussion sessions by visiting existing groups, determined by equality and diversity priorities identified by the NHS.

In total we had 880 responses and contributions – thank you to everyone who took part and made their say count.

Now, the Healthwatch team are busy reflecting on what people have told us and writing up our findings.

We can already see some themes, for example, lots of suggestions related to the need for a culture change in health and care - focused on education, prevention and involving people more in their own care, as well as looking holistically at health and the wider determinants of wellbeing.

Once we've analysed all the responses, we'll be putting together a report. This will be published on our website and shared with local health and wellbeing partners, including the Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Health and Wellbeing Boards.